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A new console generation has started in Australia, but thanks to COVID-19, this launch has a very different feel.

Xbox Series S and Series X consoles are now being delivered to people with pre-orders, though it doesn’t seem to be an easy console to grab in person without a reservation…

New Horizons doesn’t come close

Is it a hint at a hardware name change too?

At first it might have seemed somewhat obnoxious, and all too familiar for listeners of linear radio.

Apple Music’s 24/7 live radio station, Beats 1, has until now constantly thrown the station name between songs in loud idents. Shows would begin with blaring ‘Beats 1 is now live’ voiceovers.


Aka how to do absolutely nothing with your unfair advantage

Remember when Google made a unified messaging app called Hangouts?

Apparently Google doesn’t.

Hangouts started as a video calling product, and a pioneering one at that. It allowed free, in-browser video calls to multiple people and had a bunch of features that seemed revolutionary at the time. At some point…

I’m in physical pain waiting to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which launches March 20. But lucky people in Melbourne will have the chance to try the game early this weekend (including Friday) at the Supernova Comic Con & Gaming convention. Melbourne sure is the game convention hub of Australia, with PAX Australia also taking place later this year.

Presumably this will be the same demo that was playable at PAX East last week. A special edition console will also be available at launch, though online pre-orders are currently sold out across the board.

So far Brisbane and Melbourne are said to be part of a roll-out, with bikes currently being shipped to Australia.

You’ll get one of three keychains at random when you pre-order at EB Games Australia (story via Animal Crossing World).

This morning Teen Vogue published a glowing article on Facebook’s efforts to keep 2020 election coverage honest (pictured above).

Except there was a problem with the story. Seemingly nobody at Teen Vogue knew that the story was being published, including the site’s own Twitter account.

Announced at F8 2019

It looks like Facebook is more broadly testing the native Facebook Messenger Mac app, and the download link is publicly available.

Announced at Facebook’s F8 developer keynote in April, the app brings what looks like a pretty basic version of the mobile Messenger app to desktop. It even has a…

Normally I’d say these kinds of weird attack ads are lame, but Microsoft’s new Apple diss is presented by an Australian guy named Mackenzie Book, or Mac Book for short. A+ to whoever thought it up.

But what does Mac Book prefer? The Surface Pro 2 of course.


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